Team Ballet

Ballet provides the foundation for posture and movement. It teaches the basic technique for every form of dance. All Fierce Factory Dance & Talent ballet classes are set according to student’s age and previous training by the teacher. All ballet classes include stretching, barre work, and center combinations set for class level.

Team low-intermediate ballet: Fierce Factory Dance Team members in this class will focus on the rituals of barre work, the correct positions of the body, memorizing terminology and understanding proper ballet etiquette. They will also learn musicality and how to execute ballet traveling steps. Team director placement required.

Team high-intermediate ballet – These classes are for team members who have had at least one to two years of ballet training. The emphasis of these classes is to build upon a student’s basic ballet skills and prepare them for pointe shoes. The typical age range for this level is 8-13 years old. Team director placement required.

Team advanced ballet – These classes are for Fierce Factory Dance team members who have had at least 3-5 years of formal ballet training. Team director placement required.

Class Hours

06:15 - 07:1507:15 - 08:15
06:00 - 07:00
05:15 - 06:1506:15 - 07:1507:15 - 08:15
06:45 - 07:45

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