Jazz Lyrical Combo

Jazz Lyrical Combo

These classes are designed to offer our dancers diversity by teaching a variety of different styles with a focus on contemporary, jazz and lyrical. Each week the class learns a different style of dance; changing up the styles helps to keep the dancers intrigued and with an open mind to all that dance has to offer. These classes are a must for anyone seeking a position on their dance team or any company.

  • Tiny Tots level: For the never before dancer or the dancer new to these styles of dance. Ages 3-5.

  • Beginner level: At least one year of dance experience and familiarity with dance terminology required.

  • Intermediate level: 2-3 years of dance experience, familiarity with dance terminology as well as leap/turn technique required. Evaluation and placement by teacher required.

  • Advanced: 4+ years of dance experience required – the goal in this advanced class is to push the students to new limits, encourage them out of their comfort zones, and inspire them to think outside the box and be themselves. Evaluation and placement by teacher required.